Monday, June 30, 2008

Latest Health Update

Staph has invaded my body once again. Or maybe I should say it has erupted. Out of nowhere - HUGE knot on my leg. So I go to the doctor (an after hours one, not my regular MD). I jokingly ask, "Is Staph like Herpes? Am I always going to be waiting for the next outbreak? Do I need Valtrex?" I thought this was hysterical - him - not so much. My regular MD would have laughed, at least.

"After hours" doc just said, "We need to kill it." Thanks Mr. Personality! Two antibiotics shots, two oral antibiotics for 2 weeks, and the most expensive tube of cream ever, and I guess I'm on the rode to recovery.

Now - How beautiful is Ashley? Of course she feels large, hot and generally uncomfortable - but she looks amazing. July 18 at 8am - I'll be at the hopsital waiting to meet my new niece or nephew. I have a hunch I'm getting a second nephew - I can't wait!


Ashley said...

I can't decide of I am going to kill you now or after you find out if you are having a neice or a nephew for posting this picture!!!

Anonymous said...

She looks AWESOME!!! I hope Sam is a boy for Nick's sake!!