Thursday, January 3, 2008

Perfect Hineys and High Heels

If you read my post on New Year's Eve, I was writing as I was watching the girls play outside - the catch - they had on pink t-shirts, panties and high heels - classy, huh? So what do I do? Well, grab the camera, of course!

Here's the thing... How pefect are those little hineys? I mean is it legal to have legs and butt without cellulite? It's probably illegal for me to post these of my girls - I'll probably show up on some baby porn most wanted list.

They DID put their pants back on, and I got this precious picture

I thought I would get ALL caught up with scrapbooking over the holidays. We "closed" the office from Dec 21 - Jan 2, but apparently our clients are under the impression that we are actually doctors and have the ability to save lives! Really, how may "emergencies" can occur with accounting and taxes? Unfortunately, our clients created "emergencies", so there was little time for playing. I did manage to get my Heidi Swapp canvas done from Creative Escape. I used a quote from the "She" book. It says, "She decided to start living the life she'd only imagined." Which was pretty fitting for this year in review.

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