Monday, January 28, 2008

Sick little girl...and the weekend update

Poor Avery has had fever all weekend and started vomitting last night - (yep - three sets of sheets, blankets and pillows have been hauled down to the laundry room). But here she is, asleep on the den sofa as peaceful as can be - for the moment. We'll head to the doctor today.

This week Morgan and Avery found the newest alternative to Ugg boots....

Yep, pot holders- I'm sure it's the next "new rage"!

And the "GOTCHA" moment of the weekend...After everything mom (or Mel) has done for us, we finally surprised her with a golf cart. Usually she gives us a list for every gift giving occasion - which we LOVE, because a) it's easy and b) she gets what she wants. But this time, for no real occasion at all, we got her! And even though Shane, Collin and Dominick "claim" to be busy at work, there were NO LESS than 100 e-mails over the internet about this golf cart.

She had the "typical Mel" reaction to the fuzzy dice and keys. The confused but extremly gracious response (first pic). It's our joke - you could give Mom dried clay and she would be very gracious! So she opened the bag with the dice and keys and then we brought her outside. We raised the garage door and she found her little girls sitting on her golf cart. Just looking at the picture shows just how surprised she was. It was a great feeling for us to give her something so fun after everything she does for us. Soon we'll have it all "tricked out" - maybe I'll call "Pimp My Ride".... We are DEFINITELY getting an airbrushed license plate that says "GiGi's GoGo"

GiGi, have fun with all of your little ones on the golf cart - by July, we have 5 under 5 - better start Christmas shopping!!!


Angel said...

LOL, looks like Mel was a wee bit surprised. And while poor baby AVery looks like a porcelain doll asleep on the sofa, my favorite picture is of the little fashionistas, modeling their new footware line, complete with chocolate smears on Ms Morgan's mouth...Jimmy Choo better watch his back!

Kath W said...

Aww, hope she's feeling better soon. Their new "shoes" are too cute!

Amanda B said...

Those potholders are da boMb!!! I gata get me some!!

Amanda B