Saturday, December 8, 2007

A pretty fantastic year!

32 was a good year! We have settled into our new home in Geismar, Louisiana. We've made friends with our neighbors (the humans and the livestock). We shop at the corner pharmacy and the independent grocery store. My house actually has custom window hangings (thanks to my godmother Val who can create ANYTHING I think up).

Bellanger and McQuiddy's revenue exceeded our expectations. More importantly, our clients like us (or they say they do!) and send us referrals regularly to prove it.

I'm beginning to figure out that balance of: mommy, wife, business owner and SELF. Sometimes I want to give Gloria Steinem and my mother's generation a swift kick in the ass for proving that Women CAN HAVE IT ALL - why didn't they get 10 hours added to each day while they were at it! But I took time for mysef and FINALLY lost the baby weight ("Baby Avery" is now THREE!). Shane and I have managed a Sunday date every week, thanks to our fabulous babysitters Anna and Lisa. We actually manage some adult conversation (although we are usually hemming and hawing over some "problem" with the girls).

I played golf for the first time. I went to Creative Escape in Arizona with Cori, Angel and Renee, and started teaching at Scrapbook and Co (in my spare time!).

I have three CPA's hired to help out with tax season - minimizing the 80 work week. And my girls regularly play with Molly and Shelby DESPITE the 45 mile commute, giving me and Jen a chance to hang out too.

And best of all, watching Morgan, Avery, Hannah and Ava grow up together is a riot! We can't wait for Jen and Dominick's little "trucker" to arrive in March and throw some testosterone in the mix of estrogen.

I needed to get all of this in writing for the days when I want to throw myself under a speeding 18 wheeler. Because believe me, I don't feel quite THIS thankful everyday!


Jen said...

Life is good, and I am psyched you are my sister! Happy Birthday, hot mama! Maybe after this trucker is born, I, too will look cute in my clothes like you do!!!

Becca said...

Happy Birthday Heather!
Sounds like you are living a great life and you deserve that! : ) a picture of the new you! : )


heather said...

Becca, sorry to disappoint, but that pic is current - LOL! Thanks for checking out my blog. I am LOVING the ispiration from the Paper Trends books I got from the JDRF ebay auction!