Sunday, December 2, 2007

The birthday weekend...

And it wasn't mine - so I'm bitter AND tired! Avery turned three on Friday which meant a party at school, a party at the house Friday night AND the princess tea party on Saturday. I literally want to hibernate! Oh but no, we drove to Zachary, LA to cut down our own Christmas tree (Shane's insane idea, but it actually was cute). The most ridiculous part is that everyone has SHORTS on and we are cutting down our Christmas tree. The air conditioning is on at home - hard to be too MERRY!
Apparently I am the Christmas Scrooge of our house. I LOVE Christmas - but I'm more low key about the hype. An artificial tree would be fine with me, there aren't a zillion Christmas tchotchkes in my house, and I don't have a "theme" tree. I don't bake normally, so that whole Christmas cookie idea is out of the question. Well, for the final nail in my Christmas coffin - Shane makes a Gingerbread House with the girls! Sure, I made two birthday cakes this weekend, stuffed Christmas goodie bags for all of their school friends, bought and wrapped the teacher gifts - but who's the hero? Gingerbread Daddy, of course!
I convinced the girls to put on Christmas jammies so hopefully I can get some cute shots of them "decorating" the tree - I use that term loosely! There are so many layouts I want to work on, but even if I had the energy I have those two little scrapbook interruptors (is that a word?). Seriously though, I have the cutest stuff for our corn maze adventure and I have been buying up all of the Creative Cafe goodies. On a side note - my birthday is Saturday. Most people know that I was supposed to be celebrating my birthday by laying in an operating room having the pregnancy "tummy" removed. Well, it seems that I have a serious anemia problem, and I won't be going near the operating room for awhile. I was SO looking forward to catching up on my trashy books and magazines, and then when I had more mobility, I was going to scrapbook for hours at a time. Since that entire plan with SQUASHED with one blood test, I would LOVE if some of my friends would come and scrapbook with me. I'm shooting for next week, maybe a two day crop-a-thon just for ME! And yes, I did make Shane take a picture of me and my girls in front of our fresh newly cut down tree.

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