Friday, December 14, 2007

The next best thing to a tummy tuck

is scrapbooking with your friends. Sure, I was supposed to be celebrating my birthday with tight new abs, but since that was postponed, two friends took pity on me and we had a two-day scrapbooking party! Cori and Angel arrived on Monday morning at Memory Mania and we cropped until we dropped. We grabbed some dinner and headed to my house for more cropping. I crashed at 12:15, but they have more endurance than me and made it another hour. The girls thought "Mommy's slumber party" was hysterical! Then Tuesday we leisurely woke up and headed to Scrapbook and Co. for another day of cropping. I've decided this MUST be an annual event. We have to cherish the calm before the holiday storm!!! Here are all of the layouts/projects I created during the two days.

Shane is a Halloween fanatic! You can barely see the picture of our yard, but Shane built the fence and the coffin (what's a little stolen wood?). Next year, he promises the entire yard will be fenced AND we'll have a cage with a skeleton in it. I keep telling him, it's all fun and games until the girls are too scared to go outside!

The next layouts are of Thanksgiving day. Notice, Avery had a wardrobe change before we even left our house to head around the corner to GiGi's...

then, I have the layouts of "Gumbo Saturday" using the Creative Cafe felt and chipboard

Next, Avery's first two birthday parties. Did we have a school party, a family party and a friend party when we were little? I can't remember, but Avery did. And notice who had to help Avery blow out her candles at school and at home - Mommy? Not a chance!!! Daddy only!

I love this shot of Avery - it's a little blurry, but it's my favorite, and then the other layout shows the MANY personalties of Avery... Always on the move and ready to go!

Lastly, our Christmas tree. The one that I didn't want to cut down! But I take back all of the things I said, because the tree is perfect. The farm grows and prunes a tree for 7 years before it's ready for sale - that just seems incredible to me! Oh, and I got the "tree" shape idea out of Creating Keepsakes magazine - I can't claim that one as my own!

Oh, I almost forgot, I made this Christmas decoration for my foyer table. Susan from Scrapbook and Co. made one last year with the Rusty Pickle letters spelling "JOY". I bought these letters last year - it only took me 12 months to get my version done!

Thanks for checking out my newest layouts!

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Jessica said...

OHHHHH! I am so jealous!!!! Looks like you got lots of beautiful pages done!!!! I hope ya'll have a Merry Christmas. Please, ya'll make a trip out here soon!!! Pretty Please? I have a 2 BD aptmt. 10 min from the store???? Does that pull your leg?