Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Texts from Last Night...

My friend Rachel told me about this site yesterday...I was actually calling her with a legitimate tax question, and of course, we got off topic.  Now don't go to Texts From Last Night if you are easily offended by sexual comments, and definitely don't go if you don't want to LAUGH YOUR A$$ OFF!!!!

OMG - I'm never going to work again....  Here's one of the cleaner texts that made me cackle (god, I love that word!)


I just don't see what's wrong with carrying a water bottle around.


It's not the bottle. It's the fact that you're drinking wine out of a sport bottle at 9 am.

here's another one:


She always manages to outslut me. I can't keep up

and that one deserves a follow up from Anne Taintor...

It's gonna be a good day :)

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Paula D said...

Just browsing through some of your older posts & ran across this one again. I tried accessing the website, but my office computer is blocked so I finally looked it up on my phone's browser! OMG that is hilarious... my favorite one today is "You spilled spaghetti on the floor, and kept telling the noodles to 'settle down' as you tried to clean it up"! Yep, I could so see that coming across my phone! Really, really LOL!!!