Saturday, September 25, 2010

Join me in congratulating...

the Kit-A-Licious girls...I'm talking girls gone wild good...They've gone LIVE...on the web...selling like crazy...kits on their online site...and even more exciting...there was a customer in the first half hour of announcement (and no this was not a relative or a practical joke....damn...I should have thought of that though...)

So if you have met the Kit-A-Licious crew at one of the recent scrapping events (Scrapfest, GiGi's, Scrappin on the name a few) or if you are just in need of quality reasonably priced kits, then please check them out.

If you are new to Kit-A-Licious and you purchase a kit after reading my blog - make sure you include something in the comments/email that mentions me, and I'll throw some special goodies in your package as a Big Thank You for supporting the Kit-A-Licious girls!

And for all of the outstanding super women in my life....don't forget....

hope your week is filled with laughs!

1 comment:

Melanie said...

WOW, how sweet of you! Thanks for the SHOUT OUT!!!!