Sunday, April 18, 2010

I married him for his VERY dry humor...

So I haven't been feeling tip top lately - certainly the stress of tax season could be the cause, but the symptons are so varied....
Tonight, I'm telling Shane about all of the different "ailments" I've had for about a month:

strange rash all over my arms and torso
occasional nausea
more frequent headaches
my gums are bleeding
my teeth are really sensitive
and the most painful: the knife feeling through my internal "lady parts"

I know they aren't related, and befuddled I say to Shane, "What am I going to do - walk into the doctor's office with this list of symptons?  What's he going to say after he stops laughing?"

Shane: "It's a Boy...."

so not funny....  going to find something to take in the medicine cabinet... and you just don't get to use "befuddled" enough...

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