Thursday, April 15, 2010

golly! liquor is quicker!!!

That's what you'll hear me and Ashley say at about 5:30 at the bar at Kona Grill. I will totally admit that after completing three things on my MUST DO list for today, I tapped out. I mean, I'm blogging on April 15th.... not much productivity going on with me... And a little while ago, I delivered a payroll via the nail salon - I HATE when I make a wrong turn!

In an effort to bond with my girls (ie. help them remember me...) we are heading to NOLA for the weekend. A trip to City Park to ride the Carousel and play in Storyland, a night in a hotel with a dip in the pool and then a trip to the Audubon Zoo. And after all of that, they MIGHT, just MIGHT forgive me for being absent since February 1. In addition to the already made promises of Chuck E Cheese (yuck!), It's My Party for indoor spacewalks, trips to the Spray Park and a million other things that I probably said yes too while in a partly coherent state.

I'll leave you with some pictures from last weekend's "Little Bridge Race". That's Pops with Morgan (Shane's dad). And the front of Avery's shirt says, "yeah, I run like a girl" and the back says, "Try and keep up". Daddy just can't help himself sometimes...

and here's a closeup of Pops and his girls... just saying... if you ever find yourself in a dark alley... you want him on YOUR side...but "his girls" melt his heart.

Gotta run - it's Happy Hour somewhere.....

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Sandy said...

Who knew!! Likker is quikker and cheaper!!!!