Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Four wonderful friends of mine have started a scrapbooking kit business - and it is booming! They will be at Scrapfest next weekend (and then Crop Celebration in Hammond in March, Scrappin with the Chicks in BR in May, and Scrappin on the River in Natchez in July).

They are kit making fools (OK - so maybe they are always "fools" - hehehe). Feel free to leave a comment on their blog. If you are needing a specific kit, they LOVE ideas!

So check them out at Scrapfest and on their blog - and "tell 'em Heather sent ya!" (not really, but I always wanted to say that!)


Terri said...

They are KILLING it at Scrapfest. Went Thursday and their kits are FLYING off the displays. And, not that I don't love them and am extremely biased, but their kits kicked all the other kits behinds!

And, on the grounds of incrimination, I will not state how many total kits I have this tax deductible?

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Really enjoyed reading your blog posts..