Friday, February 12, 2010

A good time with friends, scissors and paper...

I was able to escape last weekend with some girlfriends for some scrapbooking, more eating and even more drinking.... ahhhh... the perfect escape! Here are some of my creations....

Avery on her 5th birthday in November...

We planned on taking both of the girls to the NOLA Bowl to see MY Golden Eagles WIN, but Morgan had a migraine so she stayed home and slept. As long as Avery sees the cheerleaders and Seymour the Eagle, she's thrilled!

You probably won't find it shocking that I have never baked a turkey (or cooked one in any other fashion) - so it was pretty hysterical when Morgan started chomping down on the turkey leg after Thanksgiving. I think my mom may have to start baking turkeys just so Morgan can chomp on the legs!

The 1st grade at Dutchtown Primary performed a precious Christmas play. Morgan was the terrified flower (that would be the ONLY terrified flower in a garden of blooms)

I started the Christmas layouts with the Bellanger Christmas gathering. Only 15 more Christmas layouts to go :)

I'm in love with these pictures of Avery - she is such a clown sometimes!

Oh, and if you see these two crazy characters at your front door, please let them in, feed them, and call them your own - thanks!

Hope your weekend is filled with laughs!

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Teri said...

I just might have to copy some of those Christmas layouts since I have a ton of my own to do.