Sunday, February 21, 2010

I have what one might call "special needs"

another great title from Anne Taintor...

So I just can't stop fooling with my blog. This is the way I stay sane on weekend mornings while M&A are fighting. And yes, it's EVERY weekend morning...

But this week, a few times while I was supposed to be saving the world from the IRS, I drifted off to ponder my blog appearance (don't tell Lucy and Ashley - unless they would fire me - and then tell them for sure!). Back to the blog "look" - I'm not very regal, so the crowns had to go, and I'm really not that fancy, so maybe simple is best... This is NOT a mantra for my scrapbooking layouts, there I fully believe "more is more"!!!

I met someone yesterday who told me she blog stalks me (I will withhold her name to protect the guilty... but you KNOW who you are)... Anyway, she said she loves to read my blog.... You know why?? Oh yeah... it makes her feel normal... Made me laugh so hard!!! Loved it!

So once again, I aim to please!!! Hope you laugh today!


Sandy said...

Yep, I'm pretty much with your unnamed blog stalker---LOL, LOL!! Just kidding, of course.

Melanie Hyatt said...

Good Lord, you are changing this like some people change their draws'(said in my best South East Texas accent just for you...). And yes, I must agree, somedays your blog makes even me feel normal!!! xoxoxoxo Mel

denise said...

Could it be the dreaded blogititus? You may need a blogectomy! What color rubber bracelet is it?

Personally, I like the frequent changes . . . . just another reason to check your blog!

Now I'm off to hopefully give you something else to blog about!

Sally said...

It's hard not to change it when you look at it everyday. It's good to mix it up every now and then. I just changed mine in January. I wonder if I can go all year.

And I'll happily admit I stalk your blog too.

DINA said...

Yes....I am the blog stalker!!! But I must say...once again...your stories about the illness at your house has me rolling. (by the way, I hope everyone is getting better!!)

Anyway, I am getting ready for Scrapfest and was looking to your blog for ideas and boy did I get some. (Not only am I a blog staker....I am a scraplifter!! HaHaHa)

See/stalk you again soon!!