Saturday, July 4, 2009

Quick update from NOLA

We took that "Vacation in your Backyard" one step further and went to our OLD backyard....

We settled into my uncle's empty townhouse (which I must mention is amazing, and the girls are fascinated by the three floors - single ladies????)

Yesterday we went to Rivertown and the girls LOVED the Train Museum and the Mardi Gras museum. The surprise hit was that they could actually climb onto a float. A little history here... The other day Morgan was looking at a scrapbook from 2006, and saw a layout from the Train Museum and has been talking about it since. Kind of neat that our scrapbooks created a new adventure! (OK- it was only neat for me!)

After Rivertown, we had Short Stop Po-Boys - the BEST po-boys and coincidentally where Mommy and Daddy's romance started in 1990. The girls even had a taste of taffy from the Roman Candy Man.

Next stop was to buy the big loaf of Bunny bread (only the best for the ducks at Lafreniere). The ducks got fed as well as the giant turtles and just as we were running out of bread a LARGE herd of ducks came running after us! We led them to another family fully stocked with bread ans the escaped in the knick of time! We left the park before the fireworks - two reasons - bugs and fireworks = loud scary noises!

After a dose of Benadryl (oops, I mean "warm milk") and a quiet art project, the girls were off to sleep. Great first day!

Today we are heading to the Insectarium, riding a streetcar, bowling at Rock'n'Bowl and who knows what else???

Sorry no pics, I didn't bring my picture download doohicky! More laughs to come!

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bev said...

we didn't venture across the river but my sis and kids will be enjoying po-boys from Frankie & johnny's today...ya'll ever hit that one?