Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sorry... No new pictures

Just some stream of consciousness thinking....

I voted yesterday - since I'll be sedated and sliced and diced on election day (of my own choosing). While in line, I read this delicious sounding recipe for acorn squash. Since my children only eat fruits and vegetables, I thought I could throw a new one into the mix. So I ran to the farmer's market and bought a bag full of stuff - including the acorn squash.

This morning, I tried to cut the damn thing open - no luck! Maybe it's not ripe? Or maybe it's b/c my knives were a wedding gift and are 11 years old... Not sure, so instead, I baked sweet potatoes. Then topped them with spray butter, cinnanmon and sugar free syrup (yes, these are the type of things stocked in our house - so why don't I weigh 100 pounds?). The girls won't usually eat pancakes or french toast, but they were all over the sweet potatoes. They were delicious! It's the same way I was going to make the acorn squash, but I'll have to wait until I can cut into that one... Now run out to the farmer's market and buy some stuff!

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