Friday, October 3, 2008

The Facebook Abyss...

A friend Megan prodded me into joining Facebook. To humor her, I did it. Now for four days I have been searching for every grammar school, high school and college friend I have "lost". OMG - It's so cool! People you weren't even friends with in school (ok - maybe b/c I was - and still am - a big nerd) actually talk to you on Facebook. Wierd, huh?

I took today off - just because... I am going to a weekend scrapbooking retreat and it starts at 2 o'clock today. I'm having lunch with Shane and then will head to the hotel for the crop. I'll post pics of my layouts next week.

Oh, and I've taking an online class with Jeannette Herdman from and I realize I SUCK!! I know nothing about graphic design principles. I kind of don't want to create anymore l/o's until I finish the class, but I figure I'll just follow pag sketches from the professionals and I should be fine. Post again soon - hope your weekend is filled with laughs!


Megan said...

I am so glad you joined the fb revolution - I found it so much fun connecting with old friends. Truly everyone - join facebook.

Paula D said...

Love FB too! I'm so glad you joined... just one more way to connect with a very sweet friend!