Friday, April 25, 2008

Absence does make the heart grow fonder...

When I left for Nashville, the girls had been making me NUTS!!! Granted, I had the stress of tax season looming for weeks, and I was sleep deprived, but really, they weren't seeming very cute and lovable then. Since I got back, I realize I just needed some R&R, because I have been having so much fun with Morgan and Avery. Who knew chalk and sidewalk could provide so much entertainment? We've taken walks, gotten snowballs, gone bike riding, and I'm loving every minute!
PS - I bought these shirts in Nashville, "Well behaved Cowgirls RARELY make history" - were they specially designed with my children in mind???

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catherine feegel-erhardt said...

loved spending time with you in Nashville. You were a blast on the shopping tour. what is your email addy? I will email all of you answers from your ? on my blog.