Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Daily

I'm taking some advice from Debby Schuh and keeping my December Daily on the blog this year.  I actually did a December Daily album two years ago - the December I was diagnosed with cancer...believe me the album was planned and created long before the diagnosis...but I'm glad I have it.  Especially because that December was especially crazy...filled with a range of emotions...

This is a much happier year, hopefully there will never be one as stressful as that one.. But we made it through that one, and we'll make it through another one if we have too...I'm just glad it's not THIS year...

Avery's actual birthday is November 30, but we had her party on December 1.  My little girl turning EIGHT!

The "FAB FIVE" as I call them...These precious little girls have been inseparable since Kindergarten.  They skated, ate Cane's, had birthday cake and stayed up WAY TOO late with a very patient Dad (after Mommy was asleep)... and LAUGHED WAY TOO LONG!!!! 

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