Friday, October 29, 2010

A recipe for happiness (the Heather way...)

and no, it's not sappy - this is me, not Maya Angelou!

#1 Creativity - here are some new layouts...  oh, my boys... Nick and Parker playing in Nick's new big boy bed

The inevitable bike riding lesson by the ever patient Daddy...(god I'm lucky he still loves me!)

then my most favorite pictures of Morgan right now, both the smiling and the serious

#2 Fantastically supportive family and friends
         the ones that live far away, but would still drop everything in a minute and drive to help, the friends that help you laugh, the ones that let you cry, the ones that send cheery flowers (even with purple bows), a mom that suggests a lobotomy might be helpful, the family and friends who offer to sit in waiting rooms and then get stuck with a full to-do list that I have prepared, the ones who give me space to filter through a range of emotions... and the best part...each one makes me laugh!

#3 My Ironman husband who knows after a rather scary and potentially uncomfortable test, the best medicine is a box of deliciousness from Ambrosia! 

You may have guessed by now that I'm having some intense medical testing right now.  I won't get too specific here, because although I am an open book, I would rather wait and be able to scream from the rooftops that I have been declared completely healthy (except for that nagging anxiety problem - hehe!)

From the way I look at it, if I even tried to donate this body to science, I'm too much of a nut for ANYONE to take it.  So the docs just better keep me alive and kickin' - I haven't even had a chance to REALLY embarrass the girls yet!!!!!!

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