Saturday, April 18, 2009

Never say YES due to guilt...

Every year after tax season I plan a special day for me and the girls - trying to make up for the fact that for three months I let any stranger raise my children. This year was the finally the year - MOM is NOT COOL :(

Morgan and Avery have been asking for a slumber party for two months - so I promised after tax season, they could have one. Letters went out to 6 little girls from Color Wheel. 5 crazy parents trusted me and Shane enough to give their precious daughters to us. And that's what I will focus on - how adorably precious each one is. The things that come out of their mouths (frightening at times) keeps you in stiches. We had fights over the bathroom (note we have FOUR potties!). There were fights over dresses and strollers, makeup, the computer, scissors, glue - should I go on???

The only really hard part was the hour when we were trying to get them to sleep. It took quite a few rearrangements, we had a few tears for mom - but the tearful one refused to go home, the four little ones talked and laughed and tickled and jumped around until I had to move them to my room and put them in the four corners of the room. At midnight the house was finally quiet (except for the rain storm - which I was sure was going to wake all 7 of them).

Promptly at 6:40 I heard the first demand for pancakes. The spunkiest of all 7 pointed at me and shouted, "I'm goin upstairs - get me when the pancakes are ready!". When I told her that she was being sassy and she needed to try again - she told me her mommy said she could be sassy and her daddy was going to spank my butt! How could I NOT laugh??

It was a ton of fun - but Shane and I agree, that was our first and LAST slumber party for awhile.

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Sandy said...

What were you thinking!!! LOL Good thing you don't have boys added to the mix. That is really a death wish.