Monday, November 19, 2007

First layout postings ever!

Since I don't plan on becoming a famous scrapbooker, I don't have to worry about the imperfections in these layouts, photos, or photos OF the layouts.... Just promised a friend that I would show her my most recent pages and it seems like this might be the easiest way. I've been a blogger now for at least 2 hours - that's BIGTIME!

Here are Morgan and Avery in late August - actually heading out of the door to Morgan's birthday party.

I just love seeing how Morgan's handwriting is progressing. And apparently, she thinks caterpillars have human heads - who knew?

There is a corn maze not far from Baton Rouge - so what do we do? Pack up three little girls and head to the pig races! Seriously - there were pig races! Of course Hannah called them puppies and I think Avery wanted to take one home. Don't you love the pic of Morgan showing that she's "this tall". And Jen - have no fear, the pregnant belly next to the John Deere tractor is getting a page of its own!

After receiving golf shoes, clubs, shirts, pink balls, bascially the *works* from Shane over 2 years ago - we finally got out on the golf course. It was our 10th anniversary "date". The big buttons are from Creative Cafe (you buy them by the scoop - I pretended it was ice cream!)

Ashley and I are trying to spread the word that there are no "Misters" at Bellanger and McQuiddy. Most of our clients realize it, but the telemarketers sure haven't. We are sending out 5x7 calendars with this pic on it for Christmas cards. Jess told me I need to journal about how great it is to work together, blah, blah - maybe next time, Jess!

And lastly, how could I choose - I HAD to do a four page layout. This was the Christmas card photo shoot in the backyard. Morgan showing her true "girly girl" with the flowers and Avery showing me that no velvet dress would stand in the way of her fun! Of course, these are my favorites.


Jason Marsell said...

I love the picture from the "My Angels" page.

All you need now is a page that's titled "My Angels, Five Minutes Later", with a picture of Morgan pulling Avery's hair, and Avery crying. ;-)

heather said...
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heather said...

You are SO right! Now THAT makes me laugh out loud!

Jen Sciortino said...

Your blog ROCKS!! (as do the layouts) My favorite part is the comment about me, of course, but I do love the golf layout.

heather said...

why doesn't it surprise me that the comment about YOU would be your favorite?