Sunday, March 11, 2012

Super Moms - Oh How I Love You...

Morgan is looking over my shoulder and she just asked, "Are you doing something for Laugh Out Loud?".  When I said yes, she went back to watching Legally Blond (some kid version) on Daddy's IPad...she can't be bothered with me...

So I promised you a non-medical post.  You may have figured by now that I'm a pretty independent, self-sufficient, not asking for help kinda' girl...then some crappy things like Cancer, Meningitis and Seizures happen, and whether I like it or not, I have to actually ASK for help - AAACK!

So last Friday night one of Morgan's friend invited her to sleep over.  When friend's mom came to pick up Morgan she casually mentioned, "Oh, I'm going to take them shopping for "Twin Day".  Imagine me...the deer in headlights look...."Oh, twin day???  Trying not to look TOTALLY ignorant.   She explains that on Friday for a charge of $2, children can dress alike.  By this point, I am practically hugging the mom and shoving all the cash from my wallet in her hand...she has saved TWIN DAY!  I will forever love this woman!

Of course since Morgan is sleeping out, Avery must have a friend sleep over.  Who wrote this rule?  Because I would like to hurt them...and by hurt, I mean MAUL.... What happened to a quiet night at home with Mom and Dad?  Even curling up with us in bed?  But NOOOOO, MUST HAVE SLEEPOVER.  Luckily, we find an available friend.  For Avery it's pretty easy because there is a group of girls that have been together for a while, so getting one of the "quints" is a sure bet.

Now thanks to Morgan's friend's mom, I get to look like super mom (but I fessed up to all involved moms, especially Super Mom).  So a few texts later and the "LSU Quints" are born.  No way this group of 5 could be split up - not happening...

So for all of the Super Moms out there....You Rock!  Feel free to save my day anytime!!!

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