Friday, January 8, 2010

My VERY nebulous New Year's Resolution...

No numbers on the scale, no caloric intake goal, nope none of that...

I'm striving for a hotness level. If you have ever met my friend Paula, you probably have a girl crush on her just like I do. She's not hot in the "oh, I eat whatever I want and never exercise" kind of way. Those people are born lucky and they don't exist in my world (except for a VERY few VERY close friends -I've known them too long and love them, so I ignore their natural hotness).

Paula is hot in the "gotta work out and watch what I eat" kinda way. You know, a real person! And she's been through heavier and lighter times - last year she won the weight loss competition and she just kept going!!!

So to clarify, I'm only trying to get HALF as hot as Paula is NOW by December 2010. By December 2010, Paula will probably be contacted for the cover of the SI swimsuit issue, so I'm trying to get to HALF of her PRESENT hotness.

Over the past few days when I have been tempted to stuff that Oreo in my mouth, I think about what Paula would do (kind of like WWPD - maybe I should make a beaded keychain...). She would NOT eat the Oreo, unless of course, she exercised that day and felt that she deserved a treat. She doesn't deprive herself, she's very good about moderation (very UNLIKE me!)

So, thank you Paula, for being an inspiration to me! And if possible, I would love to have a "mini paula" to sit on my shoulder all year... can anyone do that???


Teri said...

I wish I had a mini Paula on my shoulder too. Maybe I will strive to be a 1/4 hotness of Paula. Love ya Paula.

Megan said...

I think your hot already - I have a girl crush on you! Mostly because in every pic you looked pulled together as in hair, makeup and non wrinled clothes! OH and I saw your weighloss ad!

On another note - oreos are out! peppermint jojos from Trader Joes are IN! I love them.

Paula D said...

I totally agree with Megan! You have "it" going on, Heatherbell! I don't have any companies wanting to put me in their ads. And to boot, you are so talented & VERY thoughtful, and so much more fun than I can ever aspire to be.

If it weren't for my fabulous friends (you know who you are), I don't think I ever would have begun to move my ass last January. Any of my "perceived" hotness is dedicated to you!