Monday, May 4, 2009

Just for the record....

Everyone knows I'm frugal (ok, cheap). I just don't find it necessary to spent exorbitant amounts of money on too many things. Case in point - children's clothing. Whether the dress was $30 or $5 it's still going to get dirty and be too small next season.

Up to this point, my girls have been perfectly happy with the clothes I buy. When Morgan went through the "skirt" phase, I bought her tons of skirts. Avery loves dresses - her closet is filled with them. But I don't pay retail - why should I - when next week it will be on sale, or there will be a Kohl's coupon in the paper, or the outlets have the same clothes for less money.

Here are examples of my most recent clothes purchases.

Pretty cute, I think. All three dresses for $25. My daughters loved them. They each have a set. They wear them all the time... When they get too stained, no problem.

While I was scrapbooking this weekend, Shane took the girls to Gymboree. This is the "for the record" part... Shane created the Fashionistas - not me! (You may remember during another scrapbooking weekend, Shane set up the fashion show runway. Complete with lights and music - Can you say "Daddy's girls"?

When I got home - Morgan and Avery needed to MODEL their new clothes. Now, Shane is entitled to buy anything he wants - granted my income is a joke compared to his. So this is what was included in the fashion show...

Really cute stuff. Avery picked out the adorable monkey dress ($30). Morgan chose the bejeweled shorts ($27). Cute stuff - $127 cute? Maybe... Will it fit next season? no. Will it get stained? yes. Was there a great sale? no, full price.

And the kicker, Shane then mentions, "Oh, there were plenty of other things they wanted." See - it starts somewhere, and I wasn't the culprit. They will never be happy with my frugal purchases again.

And then, you may not be able to see it, but guess what I did last night?

soaked two stains with Oxyclean on the brand new white bedazzled tank top.

It's documented. Shane started this. He doesn't read the blog, but at least when M&A insist on full priced Gymboree clothing, I will refer him to this post...

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Melanie said...

Oh, wow.....and to think your frugality (or cheapness) was a huge topic of conversation this weekend!!! I sure wish that monkey fabric was in a 12x12 sheet of paper.......