Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stuck at home and not even scrapbooking...

We had a great time at the beach - even with 4 children FOUR AND UNDER.

Only problem - it seems that Avery and I have MRSA (a resistant form of staf infection). On sunday night the after hours doc told us to bathe in HipaCleanse, treat ALL family members for infection (by swabbing the nose twice daily with Bactroban cream), prescribed 14 days of Bactrim for both me and Avery (that's 3 times a day for Avery of the NASTIEST stuff ever created), told me to wash and disinfect EVERYTHING, sanitize the tub after each of our baths, keep warm compresses on Avery's leg at ALL times.

Are you laughing now? I am NOW, but at the time, I was a panicked lunatic! Since then I have seen my GP and Avery has seen the pediatrician, and we were both given a relaxed "sentence". I understand the After hours doc's level of caution - he might only have one chance to fix the problem - so many people don't follow up with primary docs.

So, Avery will go back to school tomorrow and I will finally conquer that work "to do" list that was created before the beach.

Slowly, we'll get back to "normal" - just in time for the Memorial Day Holiday and Morgan's Pre-K Graduation!


freda said...
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freda said...

And you all had been doing so well with the "strange illnessess no one else ever gets". Glad the drugs killed everything