Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nikon D50 Private tutor needed...

Ugh! I thought I found a setting that would reduce the glare on my layout photos, but they lost the crispness. When I bought the camera, I bought the "How to use your camera" DVD - It's still unopened. I'm sure it would help if I actually opened it! But I would really prefer someone to SHOW me!!!

Anyway, I had a wonderful scrapbook escape to my friend Karen's camp on Lake Rosamound. We arrived Friday evening and scrapbooked until Saturday evening. Karen's the greatest type of friend - she buys EVERYTHING! And then is generous with letting everyone use it. She has the big Cricut and a zillion cartridges.
I woke at 9:30 am to the BEST scent in the world - BACON!!!! Connie made everyone bacon, eggs and biscuits - I truly felt like a pampered queen!
Now, down the layouts....
All the way from August, Morgan's 4th birthday - just a little cake at home with the family.
Getting closer to the present, with Avery's princess birthday tea party in November.
Now, when you have pictures sitting in an envelope for A YEAR!!! What do you do? Well, you pretend that is was always your intention to put Hannah's first and second birthday side by side. It's actually really cute to see the difference in one year.
What stinks about busy lives, is that sometimes, the only picture I get of my friends each year is in their Christmas card. So I always scrapbook the card photos. It's one of my favorite things to do each year!
We had a baby shower for Zia. She was put on bedrest this week, and is getting very close to 37 weeks, so I think we will have our first bouncing baby boy soon!
You may have read an earlier post about giving mom a golf cart - well here is the layout. We've named it "GiGi's GoGo". Airbrushed license plate to follow...
The infamous "fashionistas" in their version of Ugg Boots!
Thanks Karen for a great escape. I also finished my Creative Escape 2007 book. Won't bore you with those photos, but it is nice that it is finished.
I'm sitting here laughing (very quietly) because Morgan is singing the Hannah Montana song. Of course, she mumbles most of the words, but she knows "Best of both worlds" and belts that part out proudly. I can't laugh out loud because she'll stop. Hope you get to laugh out loud today...


Amanda Barras said...

I don't have a Nikon so I am sorry that I can't help you out there. Cute layouts, it looks like you had fun!

Amanda B

Karen said...

I am so glad that you got to join us this weekend. We did have a lot of fun and I can't wait to have another croppin' weekend.

Alesha Watts said...

I think your pics look a little blurry. Try increasing the ISO levels and/or allow for more natural light. Hope this helps!

paula d said...

I enjoyed getting to meet you and hang out. You are such an interesting person with what seems like great friends and family. I hope we get to hang out again soon!
Me & WD

Mark said...

I have a D50, but the problems you're having aren't model specific. It looks like simple camera shake caused by slow shutter speeds.

Translation: See alesha watts' answer.

In addition to that answer, though, you can use a tripod (or just set it on a table) and your camera's self-timer to alleviate the hand shake.

Basically, the camera is holding the shutter open so long to let in enough light that your hand movement is causing blur.

If you can't get more light on it indoors, take it outdoors somewhere to take a picture of it. Even on an overcast day, the sun's light is far superior to regular indoor lighting.

Another option is to try an external flash held off-camera at an angle that won't cause glare. But that probably involves accessories you don't have.